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What is a Baker's Dozen?

A Message From Alison Norton- Owner of Baker's Dozen Catering & Cakes

  A Baker's Dozen is 13 instead of 12 and that's pretty much my philosophy about everything. I'm a heavy handed person, especially with food and entertaining. And when it comes to your event, if I can't look at it and say "I would absolutely have this at my event!", then I'm not done yet. I want to give you 13 instead of 12 in all that I do- from service to quality to quantity to value, and go above and beyond for you.

  For 25 years, I've been a part of the hospitality industry here in Oregon and worn many hats; from Restaurateur and Restaurant Manager to Bartender to Cake Decorator and Event Caterer. I've seen and done almost everything there is to do and.... I love it! Always have- that's probably the reason why I've been doing it so long. I enjoy people and creativity and fun and honestly, the great feeling I get when my people are happy- that makes me happy. 

    At Baker's Dozen Catering & Cakes, we have a small but fun-loving staff, here to make your event memorable and stress-free. From small, intimate parties to large, day-long celebrations, we're here to get you what you want, within your budget, and with no stress. We don't like stress around here and don't want it for you either. Life's too short and way too much fun for that! 

   Call, email or text us to email you a full menu of products and services and for a consultation (We always bring you food!). And please let us know if you have dietary restrictions; we'll come up with some gluten free and/or vegan love for you!

We also accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

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